Nature Diamond Dies

High-performance natural diamond dies allow wire manufacturers to meet wire surface quality, and dimension standards.

IWD drawing dies only use the diamonds without crack or impurity to ensure die quality. The nature diamond dies are perfect for draiwng fine surface wire with the highest of drawing speed.

IWD’s natural diamond dies have long life time and perfect hole surface. In the process of wire drawing, they can work in very fast drawing speed for a long time while the wire would not break easily.

Moreover, they are suitable for drawing many kinds of non ferrous and ferrous metal, especially for wires that request good surface.

Natural Diamond (ND)

Sizes from 0.0006” (0.015 mm) to 0.300”(7.62 mm)

We provide high quality diamond stones for your dies. Unlimited quantities available. We are the ONLY supplier in the market that can get you diamond stones with a hole size 0.300″ (approximately 13MM) diameter.


0.018mm~2.30 mm



  • Long life
  • Lower surface friction
  • Smooth&bright wire surface
  • Best heat distortion


  • 111-oriented diamonds
  • Predictable wear shape
  • High-temperature resistant
  • Ultra-high accuracy dies available

Diameter of Natural Diamond Dies

Diameter (in inch) Diameter (in mm) Tolerance(mm) Roundness(mm)
≤0.0039 ≤0.100 0.001 0.0005
0.00398~0.0079 0.101~0.200 0.001 0.0005
0.00791~0.0197 0.201~0.500 0.002 0.0010
0.01972~0.0394 0.501~1.000 0.003 0.0015
0.03941~0.059 1.001~1.500 0.005 0.0025
0.0591~0.0787 1.501~2.000 0.007 0.0035
>0.0788 >2.001 0.010 0.0050