Extrusion Tips/Dies

Extrusion tools are used to control the shape and thickness of an insulating layer around single or stranded wire.

Extrusion tools from DS Hai Dies with superior concentricity  are allowing for thin insulating layer cable. Insulation thickness minimizing material usage and scrap.Each custom-manufactured extrusion tip is engineered with unique applications expertise, to ensure proper wire centering.

TC materials tools ensure long service life under harsh conditions.

More throughput, less material usage, less scrap, and higher quality all add up to more profit for the insulated wire and cable manufacturer.

Extrusion Tips

Superior quality products designed and tailored to your company’s specific need!


Tungsten carbide:

0.02in – 0.50in

(0.50mm to 12.5mm)

Stainless steel:

0.02in – 1.0in

( 0.50mm- 25mm)


  • Saving insulation material
  • Superior roundness and concentricity
  • Smooth wire drawing
  • Optimal insulation flow
  • Long life


  • Very high tip concentricity&roundnes
  • High quality surface finish
  • Various materials available
  • Customization available