Matched die sets or Multi-Wire Sets are recommended for all multiwire drawing machines and are useful for single-wire drawing machines where reducing the amount of slip is advantageous to the drawing process.

DS Hai Wire Die has engineered matched dies sets for machines that draw multi wires simultaneously.

when the wire goes through a die, the diameter size of the wire is reduced. It is reducing by the redaction angle and set by the bearing zone.

The angles and the size of the bearing are very critical for the metal’s that you are drawing.

For example: for soft material such copper you want 18–20-degree redaction and for hard material (Nickel) you will need 12-15, to force the wire to the size from the beginning of the redaction angle.

We will do any angle that you want BUT we will always be ready and happy to advice you what its better profile and stone for your products.

This reduction of section is at the same time balanced by an increase of the wire length.
This increase is called “Elongation”.

(D1/D2)^2-1 = Elongation

D1= The first die (size)

D2= The second die (size)