Welcome to our esteemed company-IWD, a renowned industry leader in the production of wire drawing dies.

DS Hai (IWD)  founder/owner Simon Fajoun has used more than 25 years experience as a wire and cable maker to create products that are the best fit for the wire die industry.
We specialize in high quality drawing and bunching wire dies using a natural diamonds, PCD dies (SF-diamond blanks,New Asian, Sumidia & Hypirion ) from sizes D6 to D36.    Single Crystal Syntetic Diamonds , NANO and other inserts.

What three things should readers know about your company?
1. With IWD, there is no limit to your profile specifications and troubleshooting your machine, and we can add our own recommendations for your specific product.
Our team is ready to help any company facing problems with high scrap, unsatisfactory wire surface, low efficiency of the drawing or bunching process, poor tension or shaving, elongation between the dies that affects capstans speed, and more.
2. We can maintain your inventory by re-cutting and polishing your dies to a mirror-like finish. Our Recut team will ensure you have a personal place for the inventory of your company. In doing this we can recreate the same desired results over and over again.
3. We check lines that use multi-wire drawing dies with a physical elongation tester based on a one-meter draw to ensure the dies are as close to the machine drafts as possible because measurements and profile surface is not enough.

Simon A. Farjoun


Maxim Farjoun

Operation Manager

+1 860 574 4771

Danny Morgan

Recutting Engineer

Dr. Raouf Darwish

Business Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

Dr. Raouf Darwish is a Chemical Engineer with Masters and PhD in Environmental Engineering from Canada with more than twenty years of proven leadership abilities in overseeing mega-environmental projects in the North American and the Middle Eastern Organizations. Dr. Darwish has extensive expertise surrounding phosphate based fertilizers and minerals mining and processing industries.

Janise Gabco

Regional Sales Manager USA

+1 860 319 4891